Thespian for iOS is a way to bring RPG gaming into the 21st century, to streamline character creation and management.

In times past, creating a chatacter sheet could be time consuming and cumbersome, especially to anyone new to the world of darkness system, either in it's tabletop form or for live-action gaming. Paper sheets were used which required printing, and sharing them meant duplicating them by hand. Tracking changes had to be done by hand and often these changes would get lost in the shuffle, character sheets would become worn and unreadable and even transposing the changes of each play session to a central server could prove difficult and impractical.

All of this will change with Thespian, turning your iPad into a dynamic character sheet generator that tracks changes to the sheet with a detailed exportable and printable log. Thespian is designed to easily update for each game in the World of Darkness system as they become available. Storytellers can easily archive every character in their troupe for easy reference, making story planning a breeze.

Sheets can be exported as PDF or images for quick email or as a direct port from one Thespian user to another. Gaming club database integration is also of high importance, to make approval and archiving simple and well as ensuring accuracy with all changes from inception to date.